Avalanche Deck

Perform incredible feats of cardistry with this amazing deck of cards! This original gimmicked deck may look like an electric deck but it is so much more. Cascade the cards from hand to hand with ease, you can cascade them behind your back or even into someone else’s hands!

Toss the cards in the air and watch them land back perfectly in your hand!

Unlike an electric deck you can cut the cards anywhere you like showing they are not connected! 

Held horizontally instead of vertically for a more realistic and natural performance.

There is no thread, tape or magnets!

If that wasn’t enough, the deck is also a slinky and will travel down stairs!

Check out the short demo video  to see it in action. 

Handcrafted in red or blue Bicycle decks or custom made into your favorite brand.

Contact for custom made deck pricing and options.


$30.00 Each