Jason’s journey into magic began when he was 17 years old. He wandered into a local magic shop and was hooked, he couldn’t get enough. While attending college, studying to become an archaeologist, he decided to change his future career.
Recognizing the need for proper education and training; Jason applied to the Chavez College of Magic. After being accepted at one of the most exclusive colleges in the world, (it only enrolls 4 students a year), he earned the highest honors bestowed upon a graduate.
After returning from college, Jason was hired to run the same magic shop that he had wandered into years before. Over the next few years, he performed daily and continued his studies in the evening. Realizing the necessity for originality and creativity, Jason developed his award winning manipulation act and practiced it to perfection.
After several years as a successful competitor and performer on the convention circuit, Jason was hired for the first time as a creative consultant by fellow magician Kevin James, a role which has continued for over 15 years. Meanwhile Jason took his act overseas performing in Europe and Asia, performing live and on television for millions.
Upon returning to the United States he took up residence in Las Vegas. It wasn’t long before Jason started performing in the longest running daytime show in Sin City’s history, “Viva Las Vegas”. Those performances directly led him to land a spot in the coveted “World’s Greatest Magic Show” for the next 3 years.
At the top of his field and surrounded by fellow artists his creative services flourished. Jason then started his own production company which offers a wide range of unique specialities designed for magicians. In 2009 he created the Black Market Magic website. An online marketplace for distributing magical collaborations created by “The World’s Greatest Magicians”.
Constantly in demand, whether as a performer or consultant he continues to revolutionize his field.